Rides & Drives

Touring Information

The information you need for getting to the Seven Valleys, as well as downloadable maps and guides that will help you enjoy the variety of our region.

Motorcycle Rides

Roads in the Seven Valleys region have some of the ‘Top Rides’ in NSW as listed by Peter “The Bear” Thoeming from Australian Motorcyclist Magazine.

Cycling Routes

There are some spectacular routes around the Seven Valleys, including the Capertee Mega Loop for advanced riders

Local Drives

There are many drives in the Seven Valleys. Start your journey in Lithgow, or pick up the trail from where you are staying.

Regional Drives

There are a number of drives which you can take in the Seven Valleys Region which provide a range of nature-based and cultural experiences.

Mountain Biking

Lithgow is surrounded by a variety of excellent mountain biking opportunities, from completion level trails to pleasant fire trail outings.

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