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A winter’s afternoon in Hassan’s Walls Reserve

My name is Vicki and I’m a Tourism Officer at the Seven Valleys Visitor Information Centre.

Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing some of the amazing places to be found here – I hope you can join me regularly for some Seven Valleys inspiration!

Have you visited Hassan’s Walls Reserve?

The reserve covers an area of over 780 hectares and reaches an elevation of 1136 metres above sea level. This is officially the highest Scenic Lookout looking over the Blue Mountains with expansive views all the way from Mt. Tomah to Mt. Lambie!

The Wiradjuri name for the area is Gnallwarra.

Walking along the boardwalk and taking in the massive view is something that never fails to impress me. However, my favourite view is from the little cave to the right of the official lookout…. it’s only a small space inside, with an even smaller doorway……. duck your head!

The view is iconic, and the little cave offers protection from the icy winter blasts of wind.

So, exactly who was Hassan?

There are a few different stories….was he an escaped convict from the stockade below the Walls? Or an Arabian stockman of great skill? The most plausible answer seems to be that Governor Macquarie named the area in 1815. It’s said that the imposing cliff lines reminded him of the Walls of Hassan in Southern India.

Being such an old reserve, there is plenty of history to discover. If you go for a walk you might find some of the old lookouts still with picnic tables and chairs. A great place to catch a beautiful sunset or sunrise.

I found Clwydd Grotto – the seat of the bench is long gone.

I like Bracey Lookout too, with its great view over the town of Lithgow, and all the amazing rock formations. Bracey Lookout was developed by the Apex Club in 1952.

Hassan’s Walls Reserve is beautiful in any season and especially famous for its native plants and butterflies. There are some great walking tracks to be discovered too. I was so surprised to see so much colourful and eye catching flora in the middle of Winter !

Whether you walk up to the top, ride your bike or choose to drive, I think Hassan’s Walls Reserve is a Seven Valleys must do !

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